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Blue Tea College, sets in the 2.5 dimensional world of Blue Tea County, accepts admission from all age and nationality. There are all kind of talents: Genius, Idol, Royal Butler, Night Club Host, even Gang Leader and Killer. A campus with no discrimation, no boundry, yet unbelievably peaceful. Anybody are welcomed, including “You”.

Mamahara Madoka (Heroine, name editable) transfers to Blue Tea College in her last junior high summer. As she awaits official school year to start, an unexpected invitation reaches her from the Student Union, to “experience campus life before Summer Holiday”.

Anticipated and anxious, Madoka is meeting her 3 charming Senpais for the very first time:

The unreachable college star - Ayanami Awa,
The “College Pet” who tries to act cool - Igarashi Kuroneko,
The unpredictable frivolous guy - Keifu Franki...

What is waiting for Madoka behind Blue Tea College’s gates?