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Words from Chairman

Blue Tea College is a real existance - inside a 2.5 dimensional world.

Led by fate, these people gathered under the same sky at the same time. Based on their love towards the 2-dimensional world, and all crazy ideas... the community gradually develops into true-life Blue Tea College.

Not like other creative projects - All characters are REAL PERSONS here! Please don't doubt: our handsome Awa Senpai, the college-pet Kuroneko Senpai, THEY ARE ALL REAL!

In 2014, we had our first approach introducing Blue Tea College to the outside world. The first project was an Audio Drama CD series in cantonese, featuring 9 of our Senpais' personal stories.

Then in 2015, Blue Tea Tarot was launched. We surprised ourselves too - to find students and teachers here matched so perfectly with the 22 major arcana cards!

And then in 2018, we starts to make our dream come true: A college style Dating Simulation Game "Fall... In Love ~Season 1~", based on our beloved Blue Tea College world. We are currently working hard on the first Demo!

We are eager to make more and more works about Blue Tea College, to share this joy with all of you. Please support and stay tuned with us! We hope you enjoy the unique community and culture of Blue Tea College through our creations.

Let's make more beautiful memories together! (*≧▽≦)

- from Ui Uian, Chairman of Student Union, Day School Division.

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